AI / Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are emerging new areas of interest. These approaches are focused on mining information from often very large data sets to uncover new opportunities of enhancing operational performance in almost every industry segment, from farming to finance, to medicine and much, much more. Choose the variable that you wish to optimize […]

Brewery / Distillery

 The brewery and distillery industry has been around for millenia. What could be new and worthy of a research project? A successful SR&ED research project may be possible based on technological challenges related to establishing a specific profile for a desired end product and based on a set of uniquely formulated ingredients.

Direct Air Carbon Capture

A company focused on research related to algae cultivation discovered a novel way not only to increase yield and density of their culture but that had significant application to improve mass gas transfer between phases. This phenomenon has significant application for direct air carbon capture. A successful SR&ED application was framed around a technological challenge […]

3D Printing

3D printing has become commonplace in many industry segments to achieve the development of cheaper and more complex structures. A company was interested to learn if development changes to their printer might qualify for SR&ED benefits. Although difficult to argue that they had encountered technological challenges in the development of their technology, we were able frame […]