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About us

Thank you for taking time to get acquainted with our company. The focus of our consulting services is to assist companies in accessing Canadian Government support for research and development activities

Our approach

Each company is unique. The key to a successful SR&ED claim is to clearly capture and articulate key aspects of your research and development activities during your company fiscal period.


Supporting you during Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) file reviews.

Our differential

Our approach in serving our clients is to listen intently and understand the technological objectives that you have been working to achieve.

Our role is to ask the right questions that will identify the true scope of your innovative R&D projects to ensure that you receive maximum benefits under the SR&ED Program. We believe that this is what sets us apart.

From a technical perspective our qualified scientific staff pride themselves in being able to take your technical information – the story of how you developed your innovation, product or service, to compile and condense it into the specific format requirement of the Government’s application process.

Easy SR&ED Consultants, is an operating division of Summit View Development Corp. The company was established in 2010 and over the intervening years has had the privilege of working with hundreds of companies to assist them with their SR&ED applications.

The company is led by Stan Pankratz, PhD, MBA, BSC. who over the period of his career has started several companies, held senior positions in other companies and continues to remain an active researcher.

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